How do I calculate the delivery cost?

Add the item you are looking at to your shopping cart. This is done by inserting the quantity you would like to purchase in the ADD TO CART box provided.

Click ADD TO CART. Your shopping cart will then be shown at the side of the page. Click VIEW CART. On the next screen (Your Shopping Cart Contents) scroll down and enter your STATE, ADDRESS, SUBURB and POSTCODE then click UPDATE. A list of available freight options is then displayed along with the cost.

To check the freight cost of another item, remove the current item from your shopping cart OR add another item to your shopping cart and check the combined delivery cost.

If you feel you can organise a more cost effective way to receive goods to your area please contact us. We are glad to help in any way we can.

When will my order be sent?

We try hard to send purchases out the same day payments are received but due to postage cut off times it may be the next weekday after.

Which freight companies do you use?

Solar Camping Australia uses Australia Post and Aramex.

Items shipped by Aramex include freight insurance. Items will be delivered to the nominated address. If address is unattended, parcel will be left in a safe place where available.

Australia Post – If address is unattended, parcel will be left in a safe place where available.

If nominated address is at a PO Box, they will only be delivered by Australia Post. PLEASE NOTE

Do you have the products in stock in Australia?

Yes, products shown on this website that are in stock are shown as “IN STOCK”. All stock is held in our warehouse in Australia.

If at any time we do not have stock this will be shown on the product listing on our website.

If an item is removed from our website it will no longer be available for sale.

What do I do if freight to my area cannot be calculated?

Sometimes, particularly for remote areas shipping cannot be calculated online. Please contact us for a freight quote.


How do I calculate the size of the solar panel I require?

Helpful information to calculate your panel size requirements can be found in the document below.

What can I run with a solar panel?

Solar panels create a charge current during the day, which is then passed to a regulator, the regulator does the smart stuff and controls the charge to your battery making sure not to overcharge and damage your battery.

From these battery/batteries your appliances will be connected. On a 12V battery system you can run your 12V appliances such as, TV, Fridge, Lights, Charge your phone.

The same for a 24V system but all appliances would need to be 24V.

Additional to running these items you can add a 12V to 240V Inverter which converts the battery voltage to 240V the same as in a home. Inverters come in different wattages, so you need to select the correct inverter for the appliances you want to use. Be careful as the battery capacity is limited and large inverters can flatten your battery/batteries very fast. Appliances with heating elements use a lot of battery power. Avoid large wattage jugs and electric cooking plates. Low wattage microwaves and toasters are ok.

Who can I get to install my solar panels?

Installation can be carried out by an auto electrician or you can do it yourself.

We provide packages with almost everything you need to complete installation. If you are unsure if you can DIY most quality auto electricians have the knowledge to install a system for you. We are also available over the phone for any questions you may have during your selection or install.

What product should I use to fix the Brackets to my roof?

The solar panel bracket have been designed to be fixed to a surface using Sikaflex-252. Installation should be carried out as per the instructions shown in this document. If you are not confident with the Sikaflex being the only source of fixing additional screws can be added. This will increase the chance of leaks.

What does all the info in the specifications mean?

The specifications are provided to help you choose your panel. It also indicates the working parameters each product can achieve.

How do I set up my portable solar panel?

Our range of folding/portable solar panel kits are for 12V battery charging.

Most kits simply remove from the box, face the solar panel into the sun and hook the battery terminal leads to your 12V battery. It is that easy. Your battery is now being charged by the sun. Ultrathin kits will need installation of legs prior to use.


Will dirty glass on my solar panel reduce the power it creates?

Yes, keep the glass area of your solar panel as clean as possible. All dirty marks or films on the glass surface will reduce its efficiency. Keep it free from bird and bat droppings as they may permanently mark the glass surface. Clean with a moist soft cloth.

What do I use to clean my solar panels?

Warm water and a soft sponge or cloth and try and keep your regulator dry.

Will hail hurt my solar panel?

Small hail will not be a problem. Large hail stones could cause damage. All glass used in solar panels is toughened so they will take a lot of breaking. Best to be safe and try and avoid hail if possible.

Do solar panel systems make any noise?

NO noise silent and you can use them in all National Parks.

Can I attach a mount to the frame of the solar panel?

Yes, the solar panels have a very sturdy aluminium frame. You can screw or pop rivet into this frame.

But please make sure when drilling the mounting holes, you do not hit the solar cells or backing.

What does a Solar Controller / Regulator do?

A regulator converts the power created by your solar panel into a compatible power suitable for your battery. It also controls the charge that is put into your battery. The regulator will stop charging your battery when the battery is fully charged. It then waits until your battery drops below preset voltages and then starts charging your battery again. Some regulators have a load facility which allows you to hook appliances direct to the regulator (such as lights) if required.

How do I know if my folding solar panel kit is working?

Check the lights on the regulator. Standard regulators will usually have two LED lights, one light will indicate there is enough sun to start a charge and the other will indicate the current battery charge status.

Some kits have a regulator with a LCD screen which gives information to the current voltage of the battery and charge current.

For more information see the online manual or your hard copy provided with your purchase.

If more information is required, please email us at [email protected]

I did not receive a reply email

Check your junk box on your email system. Sometimes a email system will look at our response emails and think they are spam and move them to your junk email box.

If you cannot find an email reply please do not hesitate to give us a call.

Can I return my purchase if I change my mind?

Returns will be accepted only if items are in original packaging and condition.

Return freight will not be covered and original freight costs will not be refunded.

A restocking fee of $25.00 will apply.


Promotions/sales are for online retail customers only, while stocks last.


What payment types do you accept?

Solar Camping Australia products are shown in Australian dollars and are inclusive of GST.

Card payments can be used through the PayPal Secure Gateway – No PayPal account is needed for credit card payments.

Pay in 4 instalments over 6 weeks with Afterpay More info

Direct deposit is also available.