100W Monocrystalline PERC Solar Panel with Black Frame

Dimensions: 1000 x 510 x 35mm Weight: 5.8kg

20W Semi Flexible Solar Panel

Black or White options available. Dimensions: 465 x 277 x 3mm Weight: 0.6kg

35W Monocrystalline Solar Panel Kit

Dimensions: 575 x 350 x 30mm Weight: 2.8kg

Curtech 12V LCD Quick Connect Solar Controller / Regulator

10Amp, 20Amp or 30Amp Options Available.

LSEPD 12V/24V Waterproof Solar Controller / Regulator

10Amp or 20Amp Options Available.

TD Green 15A 12V/24V MPPT Solar Charge Controller / Regulator

Max Solar Panel Voltage Input: 75V at minimum operating environment temperature, 70V at 25°C environment temperature Max Watts: 190W/12V, 380W/24V Rated Charging Current: 15A Rated Load Current: 15A Dimensions: 165 x 123 x 46mm Weight: 0.63kg

Solar Panel Mounting Bracket (Set of 4)

Black or Silver options available.
50 Amp Anderson Compatible Plugs

50A Anderson Compatible Plug

Grey, Black, Blue, Red, or Yellow Available.

Inline 50A Connector Cover

Black, Blue, Red or Yellow Options Available.

Double Anderson Style Piggyback Lead

Double Adaptor Lead 1 to 2 50Amp Anderson Style Plugs 8AWG Cable 300mm long

Cigarette Socket

Input: 20A 12V DC 10A 24V DC Power Socket x 1 Standard Nut x 1 Marine 12V Cover x 1

Surface Mount Power ABS Housing 2 Sockets

A surface mount enclosure with two holes suitable for mounting Cigarette Socket, Merit Socket (Large), Engel Compatible Socket, 2 x USB Socket and Flush Mount

Heat Shrink Box Colours

This pack includes 384 pieces, 28 metres in total. 15Pcs each of 3, 2/1, 6mm in Clear, Grey, Red, Yellow