Thinking about getting an inverter?

An Inverter is a key piece of equipment in your solar power setup, even if you are just planning to run a TV from your Camper or Caravan, get the right Inverter for the right job.

An Inverter, simply put, is an electronic box that makes household electricity for everyday items. It converts stored power from your car/caravan/motor home/camping batteries then turns it into normal 240V household power.

Select an inverter that matches your batteries input voltage, either 12Volts 24/36/48. The next important bit is the power output that you need.

There are two types of inverters

  1. Pure sine wave
  2. Modified sine wave

The difference between Pure and Modified Sine Wave Inverters

The Pure Sine Wave matches the power to that of which you get from your Electricity Supplier, its clean and you can run any appliance’s safely even sensitive equipment.

The Modified sine wave is a dirty power, you can use this inverter type for  things that don’t have sensitive electronics for example fridges, cookers, pumps, You have to be careful with some TVs and PCs as they don’t like the dirty electricity.

When selecting a inverter make sure you allow for the initial peak power draw to start your appliances

Sometimes 4-8 times your appliances running wattage.

The inverters sold on this website have a peak power of double the inverter size.

Electrical Loads  Modified Sine Wave  Pure Sine Wave
Energy Saving Lamp Yes Yes
Incandescent Yes Yes
Hairdryer Yes Yes
TV Yes Yes
Refrigerator No Yes
Washing Machine No Yes
Vertical Air Conditioning No Yes
Household Fan Yes Yes
Smart Fan Yes Yes
Wall Air Conditioning No Yes
Electrical Loads  Modified Sine Wave  Pure Sine Wave
Induction Cooker No Yes
Shaver Yes Yes
Iron Yes Yes
Digital Products Yes Yes
Printer Yes Yes
Projector No Yes
Audio No Yes
Electric Hand Drill No Yes
Angle Grinder No Yes
Water Pump No Yes