Motorhome RV Solar Panels


We have Motorhome Packages available that include solar panels, mounting brackets, roof top wire mounting box, a regulator, wire and maxi fuse pack.

Motorhomes may have a 12V or a 24Volt battery system.

You will need to check what type of system you have before you purchase a Solar Controller / Regulator.

The solar controller/regulator converts the voltage from the solar panels into 12V or 24V. So, the correct Controller is essential.

Our range of Flat Panels attached to the roof of your motorhome will help keep your batteries in good condition.

The solar panels are 18V-21.6V and the regulator converts the power to 12V or 24V. They have a solid aluminium frame which mounting brackets can be attached. There is a sheet of toughened glass protecting the solar cells from damage. To produce a charge for 24V you will need two panels. They then get connected in series which increases the voltage and makes the solar system compatible with a 24V battery bank.

Mounting Brackets are available to help reduce the need to screw the panels to the roof. Our range of mounting brackets can be Sikaflexed to the roof. They are also helpful to reduce the sharp edges on the solar panel which helps storage covers to be used with greater ease.

Have a look at how to Calculate the size of your panel.

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Solar Panels for 12V Charging (16)