Portable Solar Panels

Portable Solar Panels

Our range of Portable Solar Panel Kits are great for use with tents, camper trailers, caravans and small boats. They are ideal if you do not have anywhere to permanently fix a solar panel.

When camping, we understand reliability is very important. We have designed a range of Folding Solar Panel Kits to reflect this.

We strive to source the latest technology solar cells available to use when our products are manufactured this achieves a high efficiency solar kit.

Strong legs to help ensure the panel’s stability.

The folding solar panel kits come with a complimentary padded carry bag with pocket. To help keep your panel in perfect condition ready for each time you use it.

There is also a carry handle attached to the frame of the solar panel. A manual is inside the padded bag, 5 metre lead with Anderson compatible plugs a positive and a negative battery clip attached, connected to a regulator which controls the charging of your battery. Two removable battery clips attached via an Anderson compatible plug. These kits can be hooked directly to the battery via the battery clips or through an Anderson compatible plug connection.

Our kits come with a regulator which shows battery information on the LCD screen.

But best of all, NO noise. Have your holiday in peace and quiet.

Have a look at our range. Each product page has specifications which will give you details about the kit you are looking at. Folding Solar Panel Kits

New to our range are Ultrathin Lightweight Solar Panel Kits. These kits are not only portable but also compact and powerful.

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